Below is a copy of our Purchase Contract. Please read it in full and feel free to ask any questions!!


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Blum’N Aussies

PO Box 10

Vega AB

T0G 2H0

780 305 9246





This puppy is from ASDR Registered Australian Shepherds. This is a Purchase/Non Breeding contract. Puppies can be registered, Buyer must specify to the breeder if they want their puppy registered.


This agreement was made on ____________________ Between ___________________ and Blum’N Aussies, Julie Blum, for the following Puppy.



NAME:________________________________PURCHASE PRICE: $_________________

DOB: _______________________ SEX: ___________ COLOR: ______________________

DAM: ____________________________ SIRE: ____________________________________


Buyer Info:

NAME: _______________________________ PHONE NUMBER:____________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________ CITY: ____________________

PROVINCE: ___________________________ POSTAL CODE: _____________________


  1. As of the date of this agreement the puppy is in good health and free of communicable diseases to the best of my knowledge. The puppy’s vaccinations and deworming are up to date.
  2. Buyer has 48 hours to have their puppy examined by their vet and personally inspect the puppy. After 48 hours the buyer accepts full responsibility for temperament and physical well-being of this puppy.
  3. The deposit is non-refundable and represents a serious commitment on the part of the buyer in purchasing the puppy. This puppy is then no longer available to other prospective buyers.
  4. The balance owing must be paid in cash before the puppy leaves the Sellers possession. If the balance is not paid, this agreement shall be cancelled. No refund will be given.


  1. Guarantees and Replacements:


    1. Your puppy has a one-year health guarantee against any genetic issues. Any claims for a refund of the original purchase price, must be made before their first birthday. Vet documentation will be required, I retain the right to have my own vet inspect the puppy before any refund is given.
      1. Serious Hereditary and Genetic defects, to the degree that the pup must be put down, a replacement pup will be given to the original purchaser with the next suitable litter becomes available. The seller may agree, if a replacement pup cannot be given within one year of the notification, to a reimbursement of the original purchase price including deposit.
      2. Where life does not need to be ended, the breeder MAY decide, depending on the situation, to return to the original purchasers, up to one half of the original purchase price. Further expenses are the owner’s responsibility.
    2. This Guarantee does not protect against conditions brought on by the stress or environmental changes that we cannot control once the puppy leaves our care. These conditions include but are not limited to hypoglycemia, parasites, giardia, viral or bacterial infections, skin allergies, thyroid dysfunction or autoimmune disorders.
      1. Any puppy sold from Blum’N Aussies is sold as a PET and is on a NON BREEDING contract. The purchaser agrees that this pet will not be used for breeding or allow anyone else to use this puppy. Dog for breeding. Anyone found out to have used this puppy for breeding will be fined $15000 for breech of contract.
      2. If the dog is sold or given away please forward the new owners name and contact information so that the breeders records can be updated. Under NO circumstances should the puppy/dog be surrendered to a rescue agency or be abandoned. The seller, if possible, will accept the dog back, but no payments will be required from the seller for a returned dog.
      3. Non-Breeding purchase agreement MUST continue with any future owners. Only Blum’N Aussies is authorised to change contracts.








Points to Consider:

  1. It is recommended that all dogs be enrolled in at least one set of training classes.
  2. Australian Shepherds are active, high-energy dogs. They must have regular exercise and be exposed to a variety of environments. These are working dogs and need to be challenged both physically and mentally.
  3. Australian Shepherds do not mature until they are approximately 12 -18 months old. In order to protect their joints, no strenuous, long-distance running should be allowed. Use your common sense and err on the side of caution.
  4. It is the buyer’s responsibility to register with trupanion for 1 month free pet insurance within 24 hours of pickup/delivery.


I/We have read and understand the three pages constituting this binding agreement between the buyer and the seller (Blum’N Aussies, Julie Blum) of the puppy/dog purchased today.


Dated the ______ Day of _________________ 20______

By ____________________________________ Julie Blum, Blum’N Aussies


By ____________________________________ Buyer Signature

     ____________________________________ Buyer Name (Print)