Blum 'N Aussies


Welcome to Blum 'N Aussies! We are farmers from north central Alberta. We have 4 children that love all things farming and outdoors. Our dogs are a part of our family and we love doing life with them as much as they love doing life with us! 

We decided to start breeding standard size Australian Shepherds after we bought our first Aussie 'Ace'. We have had many good dogs of various breeds in the past but as we got to know him and his intelligence, loyalty, and personality we knew this was the breed we wanted to be surrounded by.  

Australian Shepherds are known to be smart, active, and loyal. They are natural herders, and very eager to please which makes them easier to train. 

We Proudly became a member of the American Stock Dog Registry, and have health testing on all our dogs. We believe in this beautiful breed and we want to preserve it to the best of our ability!