We are the Blum's. Greg and I were married in 2010 and have been farming ever since. We both grew up on farms north of Edmonton and have cared for a large variety of livestock. Everything from Elk, Emu, Ostritch, Cattle, Donkeys, Chickens, Pigs, Cats, and Dogs. We know animals lol. Greg and I have 4 children, Carson, Korie, Brooke and Emma. They are the light of our world and do everything with us.

Dog breeding was always something we wanted to do but the timing never really worked out. When we first got married we started building our farm up to a place where it could sustain us without outside jobs. Once that happened we started our family and decided that trying to juggle the welfare of our children and the dogs and the farm was not going to be practical if we wanted to do them well. Now that our kids are a little older we decided this is the right time. We love our dogs, they are part of our every day life, truly a part of our family, and are in training to be a part of the farm as well. 

So thats us in a nut shell. We look forward to meeting you!